Thursday, 12 January 2012

I'm pretty sure that aliens from other galaxies study us and then feature us on their Discovery Channel Documentaries. We're that level of stupid.

Seriously, aliens are looking at us from space and thinking "WHAT are these bozos doing to each other now?!"  I have some random thoughts, and random thoughts are the best kinds of thoughts in my opinion.  Brains don't seem to like thinking in the form of trains.  Instead, they like randomness. If you let your mind take on a mind of it's very own, and if you think long enough, and if you think hard enough, you will eventually and inevitably ponder what the meaning of life is.  This is a pointless venture, but as curious creatures, this is what we torture ourselves with.  So here are my random thoughts:

Does life have a meaning?  Does it matter? Really, we are just unimportant, unremarkable creatures living on a 4.6 billion year old planet that is spinning around the sun at 100 000 Kilometers per hour. The only thing keeping us from being flung into the vaccum of space is gravity, and a powerfull magnetic field.  Our sun, like any star, is destined to die, and in the process, obliterate our entire galaxy including any evidence of our existence or legacy.   Our galaxy is only one of countless galaxies in our universe.  We are of no real consequence.  On the other hand, life is so precious.  I don't know that people are aware of how incredibly rare it is for a planet to have just the right conditions to support life.  It's even rarer for that planet to sustain the perfect conditions to support life long enough for it to transform from single celled critters, into reasonably intelligent creatures.  You are the result of many, many generations of people who managed to survive long enough to spread their seed.  I learned in seventh grade science class that human beings are literally made of the same things that dinosaurs were made of, when they lived 6.5 million years ago because the planet recycles.   I might literally be made of the same atoms and molecules that once belonged to a tyrannosaurus rex.  These atoms and molecules came from exploding stars that gave off a rich array of chemicals with which planets, and eventually life, where created from. 

Nature is incredible, and the universe is humbling.  Life is beautiful.  Does that mean that life has a meaning?  I don't think it does.  Time is a neutral force, and the universe is neither good or evil;  it just exists.  There is no one driving this ship; there is no one in charge here! We aren't here for a particular reason and technically speaking, literally nothing matters.  This might sound incredibly depressing for some people, but for me it is exhilarating and hopeful!  It means that life doesn't have a purpose, so you get to make up your own purpose, and anything is possible!  Life is literally what you make it.  I absolutely understand that it isn't that simple for lots of people.  Saying that life is what you make it is an incredibly privileged thing to say!  But for those of use who are lucky enough to have agency,  life is what you decide it will be, atleast in some respects.  How do you find out what your own personal meaning is in life? 

Obviously it is easier said than done because it is scary and difficult and I actually have no idea how to go about doing it.  But I'm going to give it a try and I'm pretty sure it has to do with my fave teacher growing up:  MISS FRIZZLE!  You know, "Take chances, get messy, make mistakes!!"  I am fairly sure that making mistakes means you're growing, and growing can't be bad, no? Because trying and then failing is a good tool for growth and exploration.  (Obviously my second fave teacher was Bill Nye the Science Guy but he never had cool dresses, a talking lizzard, and a magic school bus :/ )

In conclusion, making mistakes is HIGHLY underrated!  Also, the folks at hollywood need to make a movie about Miss Frizzle because she was FABULOUS!!!

Final random thought:  Is is just me or does blogging feel way too self indulgent?

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