Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to Spot a Homosexual like a Seasoned Bigot ಠ_ಠ

Oh the 1950’s…you so silly!  This short, 1950's educational film from Youtube, is so offensive that it’s actually hilarious to watch!  The film outlines exactly how to spot a homosexual using extremely un-scientific and ridiculous methods.

The mid century was a strange point in history.  Many  people are caught up in the nostalga of simpler and seemingly more innocent times.  However we can’t forget that this was a time when  a lobotomy was still legal, Aboriginals did not yet have the right to vote because they were not actually considered persons under the law, and housewives drugged themselves with barbiturates in an attempt to find meaning in a male dominated world.  At least the fashion was fabulous, and we can make ourselves feel morally superior by watching the shenanigans of Don Drapper and friends on  Mad Men! 

Edit:  Oh noes!  The Youtube video in the link above, isn't the one I meant to post.   The one I meant to post was even funnier and more offensive, but I posted a similar one by accident, and now I can't find the one I origionaly wanted to post again on Youtube.  Even so, you get the idea.

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