Monday, 15 July 2013

Things that I think are fabulous...Youtube edition!

How to Tie a Tie.    Always useful.
How to Make a Peauntbutter and Honey Sandwich In Space with Canadian Astronaut  Chris Hadfield!  This guy is completely awesome and has inspired kids everywhere during his time in space.  He has also announced that he will be writing  a book, which will come out next year!  I will be reading that!

How to Survive on a Farm in Rural Britain During World War Two.  I love the BBC because they do great documentaries.  In this nine  part series, archaeologists and historians actually live and work on a farm that simulates what  it was like during the war.  It's very accurate and interesting.  Actually, farmers were hugely important to the war effort because they were growing food.    Now I want to research what it was like for Canadian farmers during the Second World War as well!  I really like learning about what history was like for the average person, and not just for the 'important' people. 

How Not to Hide a Body.  Another one from the BBC.  Agatha Cristie's Miss Marple books have been made into a TV series!  This is my favourite one because it's particularly well done.   Miss Marple's friend witnesses a murder on a train, and they enlist a savvy housekeeper to help them find the body.  Miss Marple is so smart and clever!

How to Wear Eye Liner with Lisa Eldridge.  Lisa Eldridge is a very talented professional makeup artist who does spreads in fancy magazines!  She has her own Youtube channel and does makeup tutorials all the time. 

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